Saturday, May 16, 2009

Election Commission of India website glitch

The website of Election Commission of India, which had to carry the results of 2009 failed as technical glitches didn't allow the services initially on display to be put to use. The website although did provide the results, they were displayed in a very crude manner.

[See before and after images below]
Before talking about it more, I'd firstly like to thank and congratulate the election commission for carrying out the behemoth task of conducting the elections in the swiftest manner possible. Although, I still think there are issues to be solved, carrying out a task that involves a billion plus people is no joke.

The level at which India stands today, the technical aspects and seemingly small things such as the website are very important as they project a country globally. India, deemed to be a global superpower, should work on such issues.

Looking at the results of this election, I believe the path is set for the wagons of development. I just hope we move from strength to strength making India safer and an economically sound nation. Jai Ho!

Before results

After results