Friday, March 13, 2009

Votes for Money : Voters make hay

Mahatma Gandhi,Mulayam Singh 100Rs Cash for votesThe recent speculation of Rs 100 for vote by Mulayam Singh or the distribution of watches by a CM caught on camera have caused a lot of people to condemn such acts as a shameful mockery of democracy. While those anchors on their 24 hour News TV channels are not wrong there is another side to this event. Lets look at it from the poor voters point of view.

The person getting Rs 100 is indeed very poor and knows that the government did not do enough for the last 5 years and hence they are compensating by paying them a certain amount of money. And if you think that the poor voter is poor from mind also, you are wronged. That same voter will also try and extract the maximum out of the other party and in the end his single vote (If at all single and no malpractices done) will go to one and only one party. So indeed he is smart and atleast he is draining out some money from the alleged corrupt politician. I'm purely saying this on the basis of the CBI inquiry on the misappropriate assets case against Mulayam Singh.

Another interesting thing to note here is that the money and gifts are mainly being given to males. So that should make me believe that gift giving just before polls as a part of Holi celebrations(As claimed by Amar Singh) excluded women. If god forbid such people come to power can we expect women upliftment. I don't really think so. Moreover that Rs 100 being given to the poor guy might not even find its way to improving his family circumstances. That money would end up on a wine and beer shop. And after drinking if from the huge crowd somebody is not able to handle himself and commits rape or murder in a drugged situation who is responsible ?