Thursday, March 5, 2009

Save your money by tips from Google

If you found recession tough enough enough to handle, here is an easy way to find out the best sorted out content that will help you save money. I recently read an article that said that sale of motivational books has increased and the most obvious reason for this - Recession. This recession, the worst since great depression of the 1930s can be a great thing for the world to unite under a single theme - Save Money, Save Job; and what better platform than Google.

The blog entry by says
As we all navigate today's choppy economic waters, we'd like to put these beliefs into practice. That's why we created Tip Jar (, an experiment powered by Google Moderator that we hope will help you discover the most effective ways to save money.
So what kind of tips can you expect ?
Here is an example (Work Related)- "Find out about all of the benefits of your job. Most people aren’t even aware of all of the benefits available to them. Spend some time with an HR person finding out about all the benefits of your job - you might be surprised at what you might find."
Tip Jar is a community building effort and a 5 star idea to engage and motivate millions of people across the world. Depending on your choice you can choose from a host of categories from finance to work to food. So go check out Tip Jar.