Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My name is 9801234...

Mobile number could become your identification if alcatel-lucent's plans materialize.

Many people had this problem of their parents keeping strange names that were later made fun of during school and college years. Many even resorted to changing their names to avoid the embarrassment caused. During my schooling in kerala, I had a classmate who changed her name from Radha to Radhika, since Radha was made fun off by her classmates. Imagine what her parents, who were both doctors might have thought of the whole episode.

But here comes an ingenious solutions to all the problems faced by those battling strange names woes. Alcatel-Lucent is working with the government of India to make the mobile number a personal identification number. So if it happens, you might call your friend as "Hi 98..., I am 987..."
One positive effect of this will be that the mugging up power of people and comfortability with numbers will increase resulting in more people getting into number crunching jobs. But there are perils too. Imagine a person bad in remembering numbers will have trouble remembering who his dad is and he'll say, "wait a minute, let me check out my contact list to find out my Dad".

What an !dea sirjee !!!

Coming back to the reality and practicality of this concept I think it is innovative and could solve many problems such as the long identity verification process. On the flip side if your mobile gets stolen, your virtual identity is in the hands of somebody else.

Check out this absolutely wonderful ad by idea cellular showing the role of mobile number identity in curbing riots.

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