Friday, March 27, 2009

Lets face it - Traffic worsens, no other choice left

I met my worst driving nightmare yesterday. Driving blues had become commonplace because of unplanned and shoddy execution of projects, the construction nightmare on Delhi roads gave me the coma effect yesterday. All I could see was a mile long array of cars and buses in the front and the view was same through the rear view mirror. The only good thing I had unknowingly done was taken my Maruti 800 buggy rather than its longer cousin. Although it was good to have taken a bike version of car, I could only pray to prevent it from overheating. In the end, the turtles defeated my car.
The great Indian Turtle Car by Speak IndiaLooking back at the chain of events yesterday I feel such nightmarish clogging of city roads is just an indication of how overburdened our "assets" have become. 3 years back speed checking cars of Delhi Police had some work but now I believe they are no longer needed and it is quite visible from their presence(the lack of it). The upcoming elections and the rallies will only further add to the perils of the commuters. But just cribbing and complaining won't lead us and I thought of some measures to relieve from the mental and physical stresses of the traffic jams.

My 7 point funda
  1. Assume that other drivers don’t know how to drive (They'll assume he same for you) and take extra care by honking frequently to make them aware of a possible collision course.
  2. Patience is a virtue but it becomes the prime necessity in a traffic jam. Loosing it will make you vulnerable to all the devils of traffic jam.
  3. Doesn’t matter if a restless driver in his early 20’s overtakes you. He’ll be standing not far ahead. Trying to overtake may just cost more fuel, so in a way you are helping earth
  4. Start early to avoid being late. There is no other alternative. (Only if you have a chopper)
  5. Music is almost essential to keep cool (but keep a check on the volume).
  6. Always drive in your lane do not jump jump among the lanes. The key should be don’t look for a space where your car can fit, look for the way ahead lest you have to come back to your original lane after driving for a few feet.
  7. Keep your car healthy so that it does not break down in the middle of a traffic jam (and further cause problems for all)
All the best and sleep well.