Saturday, January 31, 2009

Laloo leads good percent

Laloo Prasad Yadav leads the good percent vs Sonia Gandhi who is below zero in good percent on Google search results. The table below shows the number of search entries with the keywords 'Good','Not Good','Positive'...with the name of the politician.
Name Results Good Not Bad Not Good Bad Good Delta Good percent
Laloo Prasad 495,000 483,000 466,000 477,000 393,000 79,000 15.96
Sonia Gandhi 1,290,000 1,210,000 255,000 260,000 1,210,000 -5,000 -0.39

Sonia Gandhi leads on corruption, positive and total results.

Name Results Positive Percent Corruption percent Good percent
Laloo Prasad 495,000 39.23 33.13 15.96
Sonia Gandhi 1,290,000 45.57 9.15 -0.39

Formulas used: Good Delta= (Good+Not Bad)-(Not Good+Bad)
Good percent=Good Delta / Results
Please note: These results are subject to change with time and place and there is no intention of maligning anybody. These are totally based on the number of search results .