Friday, December 12, 2008

Tension free

There have been lay offs , salary cuts and the whole world has been taken by storm. People are running to the east, to the west, north, south everywhere, not to search for god, but a job. Whoa! BOSS would have preferred to die hungry than to do all this. Anyways the hardworking (mehnat pasina) individual is busy to prove himself worthy of his role and salary in his/her cash stripped organization. To add to the tension is inflation. Inflation has acted like a magnifying glass to project the tension on our minds as ten fold. Before I talk more, let me tell you that I am not going to discuss about the fiscal stimulus or economic policies. I'll just be highlighting the ten fold tension to try to show you the preception of an unemployed youth about the current scenario. No it is not skewed, it is just tension free.

The sugar free sweetner that diabetic patients use can be used as an analogy to the current scenario. We need a tension free life. The biggest problem is that people have expectations out of themselves, and others, like their family members, too have some expectations from them. To cut the long story short, there is mental tension due to a virtual load of expectations. Now expectation is a thing that doesn't really exist. It has been created by you and now you have fallen victim to it.

People like me don't expect anything, except yes some comments and feedback from readers. So we don't fall victim to tension(yes we do, after all we too are humans) and as far as family is concerned, we just take it from one ear and pass it through the other.

But what to do when there is a sword called responsibility hanging on your head(Which I don't have) ?

This is tough one to answer. But plainly, just do the best you can and leave the rest to god. Thats my philosophy and yours may differ, but thats all we can do. After all everybody is not equally capable and not equally talented. It's best to be the best at what and who you are and thats the essence of life (The philosopher me. Its the company of BOSS that is affecting me).

As for BOSS, he is enjoying his life these days in a government office and is readily giving tips to every possible living soul about how to work and what to do in crisis. And the best part is after he joined his service, he has actually never taken tension or been in a crisis situation.
His guardian was Job Security !

But we are happy with what we are and the desires of a merc or a BMW or a private island are not really there (They might just prop some day and yes they are not totally off my radar). We just want to be happy and the best way is to exterminate what ? Terrorism ... No It's Tension (Actually both)
But it wouldn't be good to go for a government job for that. And for People like me, we are happy blogging.

Deep thought