Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Simi Garewal's slip of tongue

There are times when your observation (predication) goes thoroughly wrong and is the cause for a major public embarrassment. I have been through such situations so many times that the word "embarrassment" does not embarrass me any more. But if you multiply an embarrassment by a million, there are chances that your stay at the embarrassment villa might be longer. Simi Garewal is such a lady whose stay at the E-Villa has been long, infact much longer than I expected. I was watching the debate on NDTV hosted by an already unpopular journalist when she uttered her comments about the Pakistani flags, which "She" could see in a slum from a suburban restaurant. In reality those were not flags of Pakistan. Oops! what a Blunder and that too on National TV (When the world is watching you). There was instant reaction on that show too, when a person actually rushed towards her to punch her face. At that point I knew this would be in the news tomorrow. But the story has continued with almost every journalist attacking in some creative way.( These creative insults hurt you the most.)

This was the latest sarcasm thrown in by Priya Ramani in her recent article ( which has nothing to do with Mumbai Terror.)

The terror attacks on Mumbai allowed us to get a previously unseen glimpse of Simi Garewal’s steak’s eye view. Hell, even when she’s dining at the Four Seasons in Mumbai, she looks out of the window and sees “Pakistani flags” everywhere. Now who would have guessed that about a perfectly manicured, perfectly mannered lady who has worked so hard to maintain an all-white veneer of political correctness?

But my favourite one is of-course this

...We were all Bombayites for those three days. But we were not all sipping champagne in Simi Garewal’s suite at the Four Seasons and worrying about the danger posed to our facelifts by the slum-dwellers below our windows.

The rest of India retained its perspective and its rationality even if Page 3 people did not...

The current un-announced war by the media on Simi Garewal can been seen in two ways. People who are actually hurt and trying to rebuff her statements and the second who have been shrewd enough to capitalize on it. With media you never know. If they can go take the interview of a person who has lost a loved one (like in the case of Sabina Saikia) for more TRPs and coverage, this is just too little a moral hurdle. I empathize with Simi and I hope she continues to be the graceful old white DIVA the way she was,but the rainbow of insults she has faced(and is facing) as ramifications for coming on a TV news channel should be a lesson to all those who wish to do the same for being in the news.