Thursday, December 25, 2008

Nokia Maps, Kashmir and Pakistan

Nokia Maps, a feature of the Nokia GPS phones (Also known as Navigators), have made a blunder by showing Kashmir a part of Pakistan. Nokia is one of the most trusted mobile phone brands of India and has risen in popularity because of its easy interface. I too use a Nokia Navigator phone and it has been essential in navigating me to unknown places in Delhi and Mumbai.

Nokia Maps is a software that uses the GPS receiver of your GPS enabled phone and helps you show directions, and virtually guides you through every lane. The designers of Nokia have done a fabulous job as far as the technology is concerned but they have gone wrong with the facts of Kashmir.

The reactions to this mistake have also been over the top. BJP protesters raided a NOKIA store in jabalpur and set it on fire. I am pro-BJP person, but I think such violent reactions are just not needed. We live in a civilized society and we should behave accordingly and not like hooligans on the street. Destroying hoardings and burning valuable property is not the solution. If major parties resort to such practices, people like Raj Thackeray will get an open invitation to follow the same route for an even more sinister cause. The people responsible for this should be taken to task and officials at Nokia should be informed in a proper manner to get back the sold products and replace them with proper software. This is a democratic society and our system of justice is reformative. A person/organization making a mistake should be given a second chance.Vandalizing property and equipments makes them no better than terrorists. It is a shame to have such people in India.