Sunday, December 7, 2008

Misleading Headlines

Misleading headlines often make it difficult for a reader to actually sort out the relevant information from the rest from an ocean of information on the web. I recently was reading stuff about finance in my google reader when suddenly, I came across this headliner :
A software to estimate the time of death?
Now firstly, the wrong headline in a wrong category, but an info hungry web surfer will not think twice before clicking on it. Thanks to the money hungry internet service operators, the slow speed of the internet gives you the time to think about the stuff that you are just about to encounter. And yes, I;m talking to you. What do you think is going to be there?
A software with some arcane statistics that can precisely tell when you going to say goodbye to your family, friends and the evil terrorists of Pakistan. Well if not you are some strange exception, but atleast that’s what I thought. And what did it turn out to be ? Any guess ?
It turned out to be Software that, using some information about the concentration of some chemicals in your body to tell the time gap between your death and the post-mortem.
It seems to be a difference in perception, but it surely disappoints you. These are sometimes like marketing gimmicks used to catch attention and actually end up as negative publicity.