Saturday, December 6, 2008

Masquerading silence

Hidden behind those fenced cages, lies a dragon of truth,
That weeps fire for me to drown,
Lay those in its belly that fed the behemoth,
When the men in green, hung on to the bells of a forgotten temple.

With a piece of metal, used by a butcher,
I knew behind the lighted screen, was a dragon,
Far ferocious than the dwarfed horror shown in my room,
The world sat, and watched in a truth that was doomed.

Like the pin drop, it blew again, in those agonizing hours,
To say, I was lost, I would not lie, to say, I was afraid, I would not lie,
Righteous were those men hanging on in green,
As were those behind the scene.

Like the allies of 1939, like the Jew in a Nazi camp,
Came back the time, when I wanted them to be stamped,
With the blood of those, who had nothing to do,
With the bodies of those, that lay silent...

With the tears of those whom the dragon had gulped,
The blood and tears would still be a less to heal,
Of what I have lost, in the mangled steel,
But I know, your god and my god.

Because he will come tomorrow with me,
In time, to unlock the misery that awaits your dragon.
And my silence is just another indicator,
Of the storm that will saber your dreams of an evil time...

Sushant Kumar