Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let me play

Saina Nehwal (The Indian teenage Badminton champ) did not get a passport issued in time and her playing finals at World Super badminton series masters final in Malaysia was in jeopardy. She gave the passport officials 8 days for the renewal of her passport. Isn't this too soon for them. I remember, when I had applied for the passport, I was told to forget about it. 3 months later a man came at my house, with a nasty smile, took bakshish (Bribe) and then handed over the passport. WTF!

And she expects that she should get it within 24 hours. Whoops!! To much for them.

While I was reading the article in Times of India, I got the feeling that the passport officials did not treat her properly or give her the respect or attention. Obviously, being a cricketer has its own privileges.
She says

"I play tournaments almost every week and so I can't wait for two weeks, they should issue the passports within a 24 hours. I never speak against any sport but I am deeply hurt by the way I was treated. We are also sportspersons, we are also medal contenders, you just can't neglect us in this way,"

The reason I've highlighted "Indian" in the first line is due to the fact that we Indians actually lack required platform in sports apart form cricket and hence those from the "other" forms of sports suffer, which is further shown in their performance.