Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Winter's arrival

Dear reader,

Winters are just a few weeks away and the riskiest season of all, November is taking its toll, on me too. It gets hot in day and is quite cool at night, The perfect recipe for cold, cough and fever. Unfortunately,these three gods of ill-health have not shown their benevolence towards me and made me a captive in a bunker like blanket.

I must say that this can take toll on my blogging too. If you don't see too many posts this season, it could because of the ill health or the laziness of winter. The latter wouldn't be much of a problem in terms of blogging, as it is normally is a high priority task of the day.

Stay fit and enjoy this winter and if you stay in a tropical climate, then too just enjoy and keep reading, meanwhile i'll just take some rest. I like collecting such pictures. If you have some, mail it to me at sk.insync@yahoo dot com.