Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Toyota to launch low cost car

Toyota is planning to launch a car in the $5000 range to capture the emerging low cost segment of automobiles in India. Tata's who were
the progenitors of low cost economical cars have been followed by many others and Toyota is the latest edition. The advantage of having a low cost car is that it consumes less fuel and is more eco-friendly as compared to the fuel thirsty SUV's. To save the environment we will need low cost cars, who are well in synergy with the environment. Toyota, the world's largest automobile maker has yet to conquer the Indian front. The japanese firm is now trying hard and its engineers are trying to keep to the global brand alive as well as reduce the cost of car. It will be hard for Toyota to make a low cost car since with a global brand like toyota, customers have certain expectations, but the features need to be minimal to reduce costs.But looking at the history of toyota, I am quite confident that they will come out with an excellent and innovative product. Toyota, which was founded in 1937 by Kiichiro Toyoda and was dedicated to the production of trucks for the imperial japanese army during the second wars. Since there was a severe crunch of resources, they had successfully managed to make simple trucks with minmal features and only one headlight in the center of the front hood.
(Image courtsey: Wikipedia)