Saturday, November 29, 2008

Mumbai Terrorism : Role of Bangladesh

Imagine a country whom we helped in attaining freedom is showing eyes and threatening the national integrity of India. Our puppy now barks at us. The one terrorist caught said that around 20 people from Pakistan and 12 from Bangladesh were involved. We gave them freedom and they returned us this. Bah!
The Indo-Pakistani conflict was sparked by the Bangladesh Liberation war, a conflict between the traditionally dominant West Pakistanis and the majority East Pakistanis. The Bangladesh Liberation war ignited after the 1970 Pakistani election, in which the East Pakistani Awami League won 167 of 169 seats in East Pakistan and secured a simple majority in the 313-seat lower house.After the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, refused to yield the premiership of Pakistan to Mujibur, President Yahya Khan called out the military, which was made up largely of West Pakistanis.Mitro Bahini was the alliance of the Indian Army and the Mukti Bahini (as representation of the Bangladesh Army) that engaged the Pakistani forces in December 1971 during the Bangladesh Liberation War. The alliance provided the final blow to the already weakened Pakistan Army which surrendered thirteen days after the formal declaration of war.