Saturday, November 29, 2008

Manmohan calls ISI chief to India

Manmohan Singh has called the ISI chief to India to show him the evidence that proves the involvement of Pakistan nationals in the terror attack. What sort of a puppy behaviour is this. We will welcome our enemy with garlands, pay for his damn visit and give him food to eat,all with the tax payers money. And do we need to show him the proof ? We need to take stricter steps ? What sort of soft prime minister we have who does not have the guts to go ahead with a stricter milllitary policy. What use is he when he can't come with the leader of opposition, L K Advani (and the vice-versa) to atleast show India is united. These petty politicians suck to the core. He has to show this country what strong measures are being taken. It was the responsibility of the ruling party, the UPA to call an all party meeting, which BJP did at the time of IC814 highjacking. And even is the ISI chief is shown the proof, what good will he do. He will only say, "we too are the victims".
These Pakistani ass holes, if they can't manage their country, why did they ask for a division and partition. They wan't all the privileges and bail outs, but bloody can't leave their habit of inciting violence. And imagine what good will they do to Kashmir, if they get it. They'll make it a similar terror state.