Tuesday, November 4, 2008

India, china : Reshaping the world

It has been said by many economists, visionary and this word is echoing through every corridor of India. "India and China will reshape the world". To be precise they'll(we) be world leaders. To join the league of those predicting this outcome is Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch, is an Australian-American global media mogul. He was recently quoted by the times of India as
Media tycoon Rupert Murdoch says the ongoing metamorphosis of China and India from historic backwaters into economic powers will reshape the world in the next few decades.
I am more concerned about India.I see his statement as both encouraging and discouraging. Some more words of praise for us and a reality check for us too. This can found when he says in the same article
China and India are great countries whose people are only recently emerging from long histories of being "incarcerated by communism or caste."
" Incarcerated by caste " . I've deliberately highlighted this phrase. Long history of being incarcerated by caste. It is not a long history alone. It is our present too. So the media mogul has got this one wrongly. My aim here is not wrong his phrase, but the reason he is pointing out that would lead our economy forward is missing even today. Raj Thackeray has incarcerated the whole of Maharashtra with his Marathi Manus agenda. It is not exactly division by caste but dividing demographically. Our politicians are resorting to the old formula laid down by Britishers as they try to divide and rule us.

So can we reshape the world. Definitely not !

Until people like Raj are expelled out of the country.

But, there is another worrying factor. Rupert Murdoch has also mentioned
The rise of their economies is creating a new middle class that would be three billion strong within 30 years and is setting a new benchmark for global competitiveness
The increase of population in the middle class bracket creates a need for efficient utilization of resources, which is not currently done by India. There will be a strain on production as the consumption will increase. The demand for energy will also increase many fold creating a scarcity of food and shortage of energy.

To meet the demands of the growing economy and maintain the current rate of growth, we would need to devise ingenious solutions to power our economy forward and be a world leader.