Thursday, November 6, 2008

India: Blind Me

Blind Me

A careless move, was enough to fool,

The kindness of  an innocent silk,

Out I stood on a cold frosty night,

Dark it became, swift was the knife,

Cut through as it ran past my eyes,

Like a blessing it came to blind me,

Like sleep she came to hide me.

Little of sins I knew, before I thought,

The ages made it grow before it took toll,

Small it was and smaller it became,

All remained exhaled smoke out of ruined city.

The shattered remains still remind them,

A city of hope, once stood there,

Brimming with life, till came the captain,

Crown and Beads with sins of past and greed,

He stole all good and left thorns on streets.

I walked, it pained, It was painful,

Restored, thorns were removed,

Remained were the stains of whom I loved.

Grass began to grow, life was green,

But the captain came again with same stained steel,

With more along with him,

Like a whore, he sold himself, to others,

And now this silk is going, with him,

Still tied I wait, for the sailor,

A hope, that won’t be late,

As the city of life burns away,

The memories of the green grass come again.

It’s a new saint this time,

His clothes defeat the normal eye,

But the ash in my eyes, shows his stained eyes,

Like the captain, he too is the devil.

And the same sad stained weapon is out,

The weather is cold again,

Thorns still lie out on the streets,

The pain is too much, and so is their greed,

This time O’ Wind just be cooler than last year,

And blind me with your power, As I can’t bear,

The pain of those, whom the captain stole,

The trust of those, which he broke,

But slay him with your power, I trust you,

I’ll be watching, long after you blind me.

Sushant Kumar