Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eat till you die

Yesterday, one of my uncles passed away. One of those numerous persons of my large extended family, who was close to my father and grandfather, but an unknown figure to me. On asking my parents about the cause of his death, they said, he had massive heart attack and within minutes he was no more. As a old (not very old though) person he was leading a particularly healthy and happy life with both his children settled and doing well. The incident shook me. A person who is watching TV, enjoying his meal, playing with his grandchildren, suddenly feels suffocated with a pain near his heart. The next day his is lying motionless on logs of wood.

This sudden untimely death of my uncle made me look deeper into the heart attack death cases. Our parents in a bid to make us healthy make us addicted to a high calorie diet, our lifestyles seldom makes us exercise and the bad habits accrue this process towards a classic heart attack case. I am particularly scared after this incident. One fine day, enjoy music and TV, I don't want to end up in a flash. I'll certainly be improving my food habits from now on.