Sunday, November 2, 2008

Anil Kumble bids goodbye

The Indian spin wizard bid goodbye to Indian Cricket on the last day of the third test match between India and Australia of the Border Gavaskar trophy. It came as a shock for some and a pending decision for some, but it can be seen as the fading of one era of Indian cricket and the shining of a new era. The torch has been un-official handed to the new generation of young Indian cricketers.

Words of praise could miss out all the achievements of this cricketers, so I'll just prefer to stay back and let others do it. I'd just like to appreciate his honesty for the game and the high standards he kept. When he felt, he wasn't delivering his best, he decided to call quits.

For this series the baton has been passed to M S Dhoni and I am pretty sure he'll be taking on the test captaincy from now on. It could be Virendra Sehwag also.

He'll be remembered for much more than the 619 valuable wickets he took for India, including the 10 wickets of pakistan cricket team at the very ground he played his last international match.