Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yahoo techie in terror net

Mansoor Asghar Peerbhoy, age 31, working as principal software engineer at Yahoo earning around Salary 19 lakhs per anum. He goes to work, is highly respected and his parents are proud of him. But there is a deep dark hidden side to this techie. He apart from his normal work is upto something. Something, only his dark shadow knows, which follows him to the workstation he uses for carrying out work that even god would have not thought of.

One fine day, things are not as normal. The darker shadow is still supporting him in his act of crime. He is a part of a big chain that will be responsible for killing innocent people struggling to keep pace with life, and not even half as successful (professionally) as he is. The dark hour arrives when a series of bombs rip apart the flesh of innocent people, powerful enough to blow away the life out the mortal bodies of people. He has done his job.

Waking up to the intensity of the blasts is the Indian police, intelligence and a host of other agencies. The biggest manhunt in Indian history has begun. The normally shoddy work of the Indian police and anti terror wing is showing some progress. Perrbhoy is traced by the Mumbai police. The god is with us now. Along with him, two more educated young people are caught. The god,the Allah,the jesus,the ram, all are with us.

The ray of hope is casting its spell on the dark shadow of these destructive techies. The shadow as expected is parting ways with hollow souls of the master planners cum executers.The ray is powering the good and giving us a hope that we will win in times of increasing dark shadows and we will finally get some peace and tranquility and make India a culturally, economically,socially progressive nation as it was in times of Akbar.