Thursday, September 4, 2008

Times of Sex

The raunch culture recently caught my attention as I was reading this weeks “WEEK” magazine. The story talks about the liberalization of women in the 21st century. The article is into the inside of what women feel and what the today’s woman wants. A 21 year old college student of second year says she wants to turn heads in every room she walks into. Wow! That’s great for an ego boost. She is not wrong in saying, that for years Indian women have been pushed behind the veil. There are women openly talking about silicon implants treating sexuality as a way of liberalization. This new century has brought the raunch culture and the trend of multiple sex partners into spotlight especially in India. But looking at it from a different angle we must realize that reveling in femininity is great, but don’t go too far and overdo it. There are girls who can’t do it and hence become a victim of frustration and depression, thus plunging themselves in turmoil. Some can deal with and the rest are unfortunate. The sad part of the liberalization story is that, why only sex? Why not success in areas of male dominance ?
That’s where the new fever has taken its toll. Although their pulchritude may make a lot of heads turn, but are casual flings all what we are looking for, or is it the teenage phobia, which makes them get into the raunch culture.