Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sarah Palin Zardari affair : Holy shit

I've been using up a lot of my bandwidth on youtube and this post is also inspired by one of the youtube videos.
Asif Ali Zardari managed to embarrass the whole of Pakistan by his flirting the vice presidential republican candidate , Sarah Palin.Hey whats wrong in appreciating a pretty girl. She a woman first and then a leader. If he acknowledged it, whats wrong. You might say he was flirting, and yes he was. Have you never flirted or is it that leaders should not flirt. Never mind but the Americans, Pakisatnis and people all over theworld have managed to make him a laughing stock. He deserves it, since its been just a few months since his wife was killed in the bomb and now the playboy from Pakistan is on the prowl. But Maulavis issuing fatwa in his name is stupid. Lets be free to express ourselves.

If they are not ashamed of spreading terror in India, this is also nothing to be ashamed of.

But this CNN video beautifully captured Sarah and Zardari, both on the sharp ends of the media sword.