Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Muslims supporting terrorists or humans

I hate to say this, but there is a significant part of the Muslim population in the Jamia Nagar area of South Delhi who are anti police, pro terrorists. They don't believe in the encounter carried out at Jamia Nagar. This was quite evident as the Shahi Imam came at the funeral of Atif, a suspect who was killed in the encounter.I totally agree that the encounter till now has been a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces don't fit.

But do you still think that two cops killed in an encounter could be fake ?
Will innocents fire bullets at cops ? (If at all they are innocent)

I might have an element of doubt (a very small rather negligible) , but these home grown terrorists are proving to be tougher than the Al qaeda operatives. Firstly, they are like us, secondly they are young and educated. They have left us Indians divided.

One thing that is frustrating is that the people they are supporting today could be linked to killing their own tommorow. Maybe in the form of a suicide bomber, or maybe just a human living his normal life.

And should suppoters of terrorim be jailed or banned, like the shahi imam.

What is the big pictue ?

Where does terror lead to ?

The Big Picture

Do the terrorists want India, if they want we are ready for a fight. Do they want kashmir / What if they get all, what next, will they mend ways. The answer is no.
They will again fight, because they have nothing else to do. The reason might be different.
Ultimately, days of humanity will be gone. Earth will be left with a couple of immoral, bearded criminals. And what next, they future generations will again fight and then life will cease to exist.