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Jammu and Kashmir struggle

shahzad hamdani: The resistance movement by the people of Jammu and Kashmir against the illegal and unjust Indian occupation, is a struggle for the birth fight of self-determination as introduced by the modern age after long sacrifices of people on earth and recognised by the United Nations Organization in its Universal Charter for human rights. Similarly the international covenant on civil and political rights adopted by the UN General Assembly on Dec. 16, 1996 in the article 1 and in the declaration in principle of international law adopted through resolution No. 2625 by UN General Assembly on Oct. 24, 1970, recognises the right of self determination for all peoples and says that" by virtue of the principle of equal rights and self determination of people enshrined in the charter of the UNO all peoples have the right to determine without external interference, their political status and to pursue their economic, social and cultural development and every state have the duty to respe!
ct this right in accordance with the provisions of the charter". The First and the formost thing is to understand the real problem in kashmir for past many years. Indian army Occupied Srinagar, many parts in the state had already fallen to the freedom fighters and AJ&K Govt. found on Oct. 1947. And yet India accepted the accession of the fugitive ruler. In the beginning, India claimed that she sent her troops to Kashmir on the request of Maharaja with the approval of Sheikh Abdullah, in order to help the state to drive out raiders from the soil of Kashmir, but India also claimed that she saw a ray of secularism in Kashmir and thus linked safety of Indian Muslims with the accession of Kashmir to India. Now India claims that Kashmir is important for her territorial integrity and national solidarity. In other words the fabric of country's unity and sovereignty is so weak that if the people of Kashmir are given their right of self-determination, India will dismember, Muslims wi!
ll be wiped out and secularism will be buried for good. All such talk
is fallacious, and ridiculous pretext and runs contrary to the charter of UNO and the Indian constitution. Under both these documents, the Indian Govt. is responsible for life, honour and property of her citizens irrespective of their caste, creed and language. No people can be kept hostages or under bondage against moral, political and international legal dictums of the present day human societies and civilizations. India annexed Kashmir without any rightful cause and fabricated the so-called document of accession against the wishes of the People of J&K. In 1947 the people of Kashmir were more eager to join Pakistan and see fulfilment of their dream of a prosperous Islamic state on the foot steps of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The people of Kashmir had access to Central Asian region in the bygone days. The occupation of Kashmir by India Severed ties between different parts of our unfortunate state. The occupied Kashmir lost-its ties with the central Asia,. which had already go!
ne in the ferocious grip of communist Russia. On the contrary Jammu came socially and economically closer to the neighbouring state of India and 'Hindu Chauvinism and fanaticism penetrated deep into the area under the cover of secularism and national integration. After the Jammu holocaust of 1947 the Muslims-found themselves at the mercy of Congress and National conference and at every time lived an insecure and horrible life under the sword of Indian occupation forces. The 1965 episode brought about more tragedies and horrors for Muslims needless to say that the Jammu Muslims had already lost their identity as a political force after 1947. Later in the era of 90's allainces like the Tehreek-e-Hurriyet-e-Kashmir and APHC Another Kashmiri alliance of 34 political, religious and social organizations and groups was formed in 1993. Finally let us come to the core and urgent demand of the people, the solution of Kashmir problem. Kashmiris because of their long sacrifices, subjug!
ation and oppression under Indian occupation forces need/deserve a jus
t, honourable and urgent solution. They are the real sufferers and target of the present savage war/brutality inflicted on them by India.The problem before the people of Kashmir is that while they face unlimited and unparalleled animal brutality by India the United Nations Organization being responsible for protecting different nations and people of the world, is not initiating quick steps to implement its resolutions and stop India from further annihilation of Kashmir. The Present mass revolt by the people is turning back the state in the early 90's but with the arms of Non-violence. Thus it should be cleary mentioned that We do not hate the late comers in the movement of freedom, people or politicians who joined our ranks when they lost all hopes to gain power, and elections became irrelevant in Kashmir. But, we should not make fun of the history of freedom by seating such people at the top of those sons whose commitment and faith in the ideology of freedom remained unshak!
eable in the dark decades of our history. The late comers should not trespass on the rights of earliest and committed sons of our movement for freedom and right of self- determination. "Hum kya chahate Azadi" This was the first slogan which erupted on the streets of Kashmir in the 90's when the people of Kashmir announced to begin an era of sacrifices and the era to revolt against the armed forces. It was in that era when Pakistani president general Zia-Ul-Haq died in an air crash on August 17, 1988. That was the time when the streets of Kashmir were witnessed by anti-Indian slogans. The long seven years of protest and non-violence which lead to innocent killings of youths in Kashmir was a hard thing for the people to forget, and the era of 90's was the declaration of armed rebel against the indian deployed forces. The people of Kashmir became the violent target of Indian army, assaulting, manhandling the innocent people. The Bomb Explosion which hit The CTO, spread all ove!
r the valley and forced the international organisation to divert there
attention towards the ill treatment of the people by the Indian deployed Army. The Maisuma Massacre which left hundreds of people dead and thousands of injured was a open declaration of a war against the humanity and against the people of Kashmir. Since the year 1931 the people of Kashmir have been the target of armed forces from Dogra Soldiers to the Indian deployed Army.
After 20 years of struggle the clock is turning back to the 90's. So unfortunate that the government still answer slogans with bullets. Human rights violation is on the cards in Kashmir. The prime minister of India delivered the declaration of Zero-tolerance but so unfortunate that the government failed to tolerate the slogans and proved that Guns speak more loud than slogans. Calling for peace in the state seems to be a late reaction, as the people have now turned back to the unfinished struggle left by the martyrs. The attitude of the army and other law enforcing agencieshad taken all preventive measures to ensure not to use force in jammu, which was all together opposite in kashmir. Those people who speak of discrimination in jammu, should understand that discrimination on the part of kashmir and on the basis of a muslim region has always been the policy of India, where muslims are treated as anti-nationals. The recent arm training in Jammu by the VHP was picturised as a !
arm training festival, but if such a training session will be taken by a muslim, he will be targetted as a anti-nationalist. It is of much serious note that the people of kashmir realised that they got nothing but custodian death, bloodshed with arms in the hands and this made the people to express there freedom by non-violence, but still The slogans for "Azadi" are now getting bullets by the Indian Army even as the protests goes non-violent. After all this thing it is sad that still their are some who are counting votes with the blood Of the Innocents Kashmiries.
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