Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kosi river flood

With Bihar reeling under the severe flood caused by a breach in the embankment of Kosi river which originates in Nepal, the state government today demanded the Prime Minister Office (PMO) "must" actively pursue diplomatic initiatives with the Himalayan country to find a solution to the problem.
"Having officers of Foregin Affairs, Water Resources and Bihar government, the STF in the PMO must actively pursue diplomatic initiatives with Nepal for the construction of high dams, massive re-forestation in the upper catchment area of the rivers and strengthening of embankments there," a state government release said.

The demand assumes significance in wake of the upcoming visit of Nepalese Foreign Minister Upendra Yadav here tomorrow. The central government is likely to discuss the issue with him to find out a permanent solution to the problem which has been affecting Bihar for decades.

Acting on a missive from Bihar government, the Centre earlier wrote a letter to Nepal government to take measures at their end in this regard.

"North Bihar has perennially faced the woes of floods from rivers emnating from Nepal. 671 villages spread in 242 panchayats, which lie along the new course of the river have been inundated this time ," a letter by the Bihar government addressed to the Prime Minister said today.

Bihar government also sought additional 100 motorboats from the central government as evacuation of marooned people is posing a challenge.

The state on its own has mobilised 600 boats while the Indian Army chipped in with three columns each having 10 boats and NDMA providing 50 boats. PTI