Sunday, August 10, 2008

Do you remember me or just my number

We receive calls everyday on our mobile and the first thing we check is the number. Softwares have been developed that play different ring tones for different numbers. If the person calling is important, we don't waste time in pondering over, but if unknown or weakly related, we might cancel it. This trend is for everybody and it is correct too. After all our time is precious. We are hard working people and we need time to work, rest and do other stuff. To add to our woes are the beleaguered calls from tele marketing agencies who have managed to get hook of our number. This commercial use by advertisers has lead to believe that an unknown number could bring a known or an unknown nuisance. Happy news we seldom expect. There are people who need favours too. They are persistent and persuasive and will not let you live, sleep or enjoy your meal. They'll keep calling you.
This number id system of a person has made man using the phone itself commercial.
There used to be days when people used to remember by voice. Today if you call from an unexpected number to your friend, and if he picks up and recognizes your voice, it would be a miracle. The conversations have lost the initial warm greet and now they begin with "Ok SAM, whts up, wht do you want... "

Sounds quite professional, isn't it, but is it really human or a computer talking ?
Its just like typing data into a computer. Such things are the sole reason, I believe that robots with emotions are being made today, because seeing the rate of progress, emotions would be a term in history books one day.