Monday, August 11, 2008

Crack of whip for bad cops:Supreme court

Supreme court has issued an order that a policeman turning away a person without registering his complaint could face contempt of court charges and cool his heels in jail if he failed to justify non-registration of the FIR. So citizens, if a cop refuses to file an FIR, the jury is backing you.

"In India, officials act only on huntering (flogging). India understands only 'chabuk' - this is the meaning of swaraj and this is the concept of swaraj (self-rule)," Justice B N Agrawal said.

The cracker of an order came from a bench headed by Justice Agrawal, who on Thursday had a massive spat with a former law minister in open court before excusing himself from hearing a petition that had sought FIRs against judicial officers allegedly involved in the Rs 23 crore PF scam.
Final the law and order is getting into place.
Another thing, which has to be emphasized is the behaviour and manners of the policemen. They behave no better than thieves or local goons.